Exhibition Introduction

The auto parts exhibition is rooted in the Chinese automobile city, Wenzhou, which has a profound industrial foundation and trade advantage. With "cultivating regional brands, strengthening technology docking and optimizing regional cooperation" as the goal, and “forming differentiation with the domestic and international automobile and motorcycle parts exhibition” as the orientation, the exhibition aims to help enterprises to understand the latest development direction of the auto industry, promote the cooperation and docking of national automobile enterprises especially those in Yangtze river delta region, boost the cooperation between the whole pieces and parts as well as industrial chain expansion, realize the linkage between exhibition trade and factory tour, and create a professional trade platform for experience exchangement, technical cooperation and negotiation docking between international, domestic and Yangtze river delta industrial chains.

Organizers:Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center Co., Ltd

Exhibition Scope:

(1) Auto parts section covers engine parts (fuel system, cooling system), electrical instrument parts, brake and steering parts, chassis parts (transmission and driving system), body accessories and new materials, etc.

(2) Motorcycle accessories section covers engine parts, electrical appliances and instruments, transmission system and accessories, driving and frame parts, control system and accessories supplies and related products, finished motorcycle, general and other accessories, etc.

(3) Supplies and modification section covers high-quality interior decoration, automobile exterior decoration, vehicle-mounted electronics, automobile electrical appliances, vehicle supplies, vehicle modification, etc.

(4) Special section for finished automobile and key parts for new energy vehicle covers the finished automobile, drive motor, speed controller, power battery, lightweight body, etc.

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