Official announcement! Wenzhou Auto Parts Exhibition is scheduled for may! 2022 East China auto parts industry's first exhibition will meet higher expectations!

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Under the new pattern of double cycle of domestic and international economy, the transformation and upgrading of various industries have entered an era of comprehensive acceleration. 2022 first auto parts exhibition in East China. China (Wenzhou) International Auto Parts Expo will be held in Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 6 to 8. With the theme of "focus, development and sharing", the exhibition seamlessly connects suppliers and terminals, integrates industry resources, links industry cutting-edge resources, releases industry potential, and helps the auto parts industry open a new chapter.

Capacity expansion and upgrading, linkage of 6 pavilions, 5000 + explosive products of auto parts compete on the same platform

The scale of this Wenzhou Auto Parts Exhibition has been upgraded, with a total of 6 exhibition halls, an exhibition area of more than 35000 square meters, 1300 standard booths and 652 exhibitors. The scale of the exhibition and the number of exhibitors have increased by 107% year-on-year. The exhibits cover four categories: auto parts, motorcycle parts, auto modification and supplies, complete vehicles and key parts of new energy vehicles. 5000 + auto parts explosives and new products will compete on the same stage, Let us intuitively feel the industry trend and advanced manufacturing.

The stars gather, the talents arrive, and 650 + powerful enterprises help break through the encirclement of innovation

Ruipu energy, Ruili group, Guansheng group, Luoshi group, Zhejiang gold, Zhejiang Lizhong, Beijing Dafang technology, Guangdong three heads and six arms, Fujian Fuld, Shandong Jiuli and other well-known enterprises in the auto parts industry chain made wonderful appearances, comprehensively displayed the upstream and downstream products of the auto parts industry, and built an innovation system for the sustainable development of the auto parts industry in the Yangtze River Delta and even the whole country.

Build momentum and take advantage of the momentum. The exhibition area of 10 + characteristic industrial base is full of attractions

Many domestic characteristic industry base exhibition groups have also gathered. Qinhuangdao exhibition group, Longquan air conditioning exhibition group, Guangdong auto parts exhibition group, Jiangxi Ping'an exhibition group, Hebei exhibition group, Taizhou exhibition group and other base exhibition groups will bring the main products of the base, transfer the power of made in China and help the development of made in China!

Reshape the new pattern, inject new vitality, and provide new ideas and directions for 10 + supporting activities

More than 10 wonderful supporting activities were held at the same time, including high-standard Industry Summit Forum, grounded industry salon sharing meeting and effective zero docking meeting, so as to inject new momentum into the industry. The Second Yangtze River Delta auto parts industry innovation and Development Summit Forum and integration and matching meeting, 2022 China commercial vehicle and parts development forum and commercial vehicle aftermarket parts procurement and trade docking meeting, 2022 China auto parts supply chain conference, 2022 auto parts creation and enjoyment meeting · high-end chain salon, "channel win change", the first China auto parts (Foreign Trade & domestic sales) channel upgrading and Reform Forum More than 10 high-quality supporting activities, such as 2022 matchmaking meeting of cross-border e-commerce Procurement Alliance of leading auto and motorcycle parts, China FAW Red Flag brand VIP tasting meeting, will bring you a meaningful exhibition experience!

Gather strength, gather consensus and accurately connect with 100 + professional buyer teams

In order to fully ensure the effectiveness of the exhibition and strengthen the connection between supply and demand, the organizing committee specially invited domestic vehicle manufacturers such as FAW Group, Geely Automobile, Dongfeng Automobile and SAIC Group, as well as first-class suppliers such as ZF and BorgWarner to release procurement needs; Actively visit local end-user associations and markets, invite buyer teams organized by more than 30 business associations in three provinces in Northeast China, Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong, Sichuan and other surrounding provinces and cities, and attract professional market procurement traders from Shijiazhuang North Auto Parts City, Shanghai Oriental Auto Parts City, Hangzhou wanpin Auto Parts City, Sichuan jinhengde, Inner Mongolia Huamei Auto Parts City and other places to visit.

Make a new breakthrough in the enabling industry, and comprehensively help the connection of mining and supply Online + offline

Based on the operation concept of digital new exhibition, Wenzhou Auto Parts Exhibition will gradually adopt the traditional offline exhibition mode through digital online cloud exhibition platform, online docking meeting, purchasing community, VR + 5g exhibition and other forms, and make new breakthroughs in customer acquisition channels, exhibition experience and docking services.

Relying on the powerful database resources of Wenzhou Auto Parts Exhibition, the online cloud exhibition platform has achieved remarkable results. Up to now, 696 enterprises have been launched on the cloud exhibition platform of Wenzhou Auto Parts Exhibition. International purchasers and buyers unable to attend can log in to the cloud exhibition platform for "contactless" business interaction and docking exchange. In addition, this auto parts exhibition will launch the VR exhibition function to break the geographical space restrictions. International buyers and buyers can realize the "cloud Exhibition" through mobile phones and computers.

National momentum detonated the whole industry, and 100 + media coverage was promoted through linkage

The exhibition publicity and promotion of "Online + offline" go hand in hand with accurate coverage. Offline promotion from national momentum to overseas promotion, and outdoor big brand advertisements have been put in more than 40 key auto parts markets in China; Carry out the "Wenzhou Auto Parts Exhibition · China Wanli trip" to promote the national auto parts market and the "10 + 10" global promotion city promotion activities. Through tiktok Kwai, Baidu, 360 search engine, and other information advertising and search advertising, and today's headlines, jitter, fast, Tencent and other new media bullying marketing promotion, covering and locking the relevant industry of auto parts; It also carried out continuous publicity and coverage in mainstream media such as people's daily, Tencent, Netease, Phoenix, Sohu, Sina, Zhejiang news, Zhejiang finance and Ou, as well as professional media such as auto parts circle, Gaishi automobile, global auto trade network, Yima media and Qihou 123, so as to maintain the popularity of the industry.

As the annual launch in East China, it means that the important task of starting the industry has been handed over to Campi Wenzhou Auto Parts Exhibition, with rare opportunities and great responsibilities. Accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the industry and fully promoting the professional, high-end, intelligent and international development process of auto parts industry has become the first task of Campi Wenzhou Auto Parts Exhibition. I believe that with the help and support of colleagues in the industry, 2022campi will present at a higher level, bring a new industry event to the whole industry, and make a good start for the auto parts industry and the whole industry chain!

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